Hamidreza Gharahi, Ph.D.

Hamid uses a combination of experimental data from the laboratory of Jonathan Tune at the University of North Texas and computational models to explore how regulation of blood flow occurs in the coronary vasculature embedded in a contracting and relaxing myocardium. He has found that:

  • Regulation of the coronary circulation is necessary to keep a balance between myocardial oxygen demand and supply.
  • It is difficult to distinguish the responsible mechanisms for the coronary autoregulation.
  • Carefully designed experiments combined with multiscale computational models help to uncover the underlying mechanisms governing coronary blood flow regulation.

    Schematic of model of coronary myocardial circulation and examples of model results compared to data. The coronary perfusion circuit is clamped for a few seconds to measure the zero-flow pressure, an indicator of coronary vascular tone.