Filip Ježek, Ph.D.

Filip is modeling hierarchical integrative 0-D circulatory system with baroreflex feedback loop under valsalva maneuvers, tilt and exercise. The circulatory model should integrate all the pieces investigated by the lab together to strengthen our understanding of circulatory system behavior and control.

This involves:

  • The circulatory model originates in CellML, so CellML2Modelica translator has been developed to exploit robustness of the Modelica language
  • developing Modelica model
  • translating the model into FMI and parameter identification using custom toolchain including GenOpt and complex python-based objective functions.

The model is available open-source at


Circulatory model schematics with detail on systemic circulation
Circulatory model schematics with detail on systemic circulation. The arterial and venous trees enable simulating tilt to upright position and various body postures.



A sample model output showing objectives for four model use-cases and its costs during parameter identification.