Andrew Marquis

Drew is a member of the Pinsky and Beard laboratories. His project is concerned with understanding how the overlap of airflow and blood flow in the lungs (ventilation-perfusion matching) is regulated in both health and disease states. He uses a combination of multi-physics computational modeling, rat surgical experiments, and molecular assays to understand how the regulatory mechanism hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstriction (HPV). His major questions of interest are:
  • How does HPV affect oxygen flux across the alveolar-capillary boundary at the system (whole lobe/organ) level? 
  • To what extend do conducted vascular responses explain the molecular basis of HPV?


Schematic diagram of mechanisms involved with V-Q matching
  1. (V/Q modeling paper is submitted to PLOS comp bio, but we’re still waiting for reviewer comments)
  2. Marquis, A. D., Arnold, A., Dean-Bernhoft, C., Carlson, B. E., & Olufsen, M. S. (2018). Practical identifiability and uncertainty quantification of a pulsatile cardiovascular model. Mathematical biosciences, 304, 9-24.