Annotating Models Using SemGen

SemGen is a software tool designed to associate semantic information about the physiology contained within a computational model to the model codewords. Computational models annotated with these unambigous and machine readable terms can be merged, extracted, visualized and linked to external data in a multitude of ways. In this series of videos we will introduce to you the concepts behind our annotation framework and how annotating these model, even though it requires effort on the front end, will save time when models need to be combined to create models targeted at answering specific physiological questions. To download SemGen go to:

and to learn more about the type of modularity SemGen supports look at this paper:

Downloading, Installing and Annotating a Model in SemGen

In the first tutorial we will show you how to download and install SemGen, upload a computational model from the CellML repository and then annotate a term within this model.

Understanding Composite Annotations in SemGen

Here we will show you the concept of a composite annotation and how SemGen is built to streamline the association of these composite annotations to model codewords.  Coming soon.